9 Modern Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

1. Base color – white

Small white bedroom decorating ideas #bedroomdecor

Simplicity is the key to small bedroom decoration.

Using white as the base, you minimize the probability of mistakes in color combination.

Minimalism – the best style choice for tiny bedrooms.

Minimalist small bedrooms decroration #minimalistdecor
Black and white small #bedroomdecor
Very small #whitebedroom

2. Accent eye-catching color

Blue accent color in small bedroom #bedroomdesign

Instead of putting bright colors on the whole wall, spread it across the room at small pieces.

Stick to the low saturation level color scheme – it looks modern and cute.

#Yellow small #bedroomideas

3. Illumination as a decor for small bedroom

#illumination as a decor for small bedroom #bedroomwalldecor

To add drama in a tiny bedroom, use ambient lighting. This cheap decoration tip works extremely good without hurting your budget.

Task lighting beams the spotlight onto a specific area with deep texture.

Some lights also could be used as great looking accessories if chosen properly.

Lights as accessories in small bedroom #bedroomlighting

Wanna a diy handmade decor suit for young adults? String lights with soft warm lighting are just a great idea for the bedroom.

Came right form college students and can be used to place photos on, and it’s freaking awesome for couples.

String lights with photos in small bedroom #bedroomlamps

4. Textile as a decor

#textile as a decor for small bedroom #bedroomideasforsmallrooms

Let’s count:

  1. Bed linen
  2. Pillows
  3. Curtains

So, there are at least 3 types of textile in every bedroom. Thinking of it as the parts of room decor really make sense.

In fact, you may create a very simple overall design, but then choose the right accent textile and final look will be beautiful enough.

#bedlinen as a decor for bedroom #bedroomdecorideas
#bedlinen for #smallbedroom

5. Wood as a decor

#wood as a decor in small bedroom #bedrooms

Scandinavian style bedrooms often have white color and wood as the only decor scheme. And small spaces are widespread in those countries, so they know how to handle them.

Thanks to interesting and unique wood texture, it always softens interior design and makes the room cozy.

#wood as part of decoration #bedroominterior

6. Wood statement wall instead of a headboard

Wood statement wall instead of a #headboard

Affordable and easy way to both save space and make the interior more natural. It’s barely a surprise, that a generation surrounded by polished artificial surfaces, is now in need of organic materials, which are perceived as ‘stylish’.

Wood statement wall #bedroominterior
Wood headboard

7. Monochromatic decor

The more colors you use, the greater the chances of mistakes are.

Solution – one color in different tones. Thought I would recommend still avoid the bright ones.

#blue #monochromatic small #bedroom
Decorating #smallbedroom in #yellow

8. Mirrors

#bedroomideasforsmallrooms #mirror

Mirrors expand a small bedroom by creating the illusion of a bigger room. Positioning a mirror to reflect the light of a window is also the only way to up the natural light in your space.

Design lifehack: small mirror pieces of different shapes also work well.

#mirrors ideas for small bedroom

9. White shelving and other furniture

Small bedroom with white furniture #bedroomsets

It’s always a good idea to take advantage of your small room’s vertical space.

Furniture is more about storage organization, but in white color and with some beautiful stuff placed on (e.g. lamps or books) it may be the part of the decoration.

#smallbedroomdecor with white #shelving
White floor-to-ceiling #shelving in #bedroom
Stylish white #closets in small bedroom

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