16 standart and 2 extreme Small Bedroom Layout Ideas

The main question is:

Where to place my bed?

And I have 16 layout ideas for small bedrooms from 65 to 140 square feet to consider, which I bet you weren’t expecting.

And also some extreme arrangement options, which utilize vertical space as well.

8x bedroom layout

Normally, we put a bed in the center of the most visible wall. (It’s usually the wall facing the doorway). But when you have a really tiny bedroom, there are options to consider. Starting from 65 square feet and fewer, it’s impossible to place the bed not against the wall.

8×8, 8×9 and 8×10 feet bedrooms don’t allow a lot of setting up options especially for king and queen size beds. But still, there are some.

Very small rectangular bedroom layouts:

Sizes in millimeters (1000mm=3,28ft)

8x8 8x9 8x10 65 sq ft and less bedroom layouts #bedroomorganization #layout

Small square bedroom arrangement:

70-85sf square bedroom #layout

Bedroom layout 11×11 12×12

Speaking about small bedrooms, we usually think of 90-140 sf ones. So, there are some layout ideas for them.

90-140 sq. ft. bedroom #layout ideas #bedroomfurniture

Vertical small bedroom furniture arrangement

When it comes to a radical solution of small bedroom setting issue, there is only one answer:

Use your vertical space.

Loft bed

Yes, a loft bed for adults. Yet great solution which brings additional 40sf.

Small adult bedroom layout idea #loftbed
#Loft bed for young adults

Murphy bed

Less useful because the space is free only while the bed is folded.

#murphybed as an idea for small bedroom arrangement #layout

There are a plenty of beds such as day beds, bunk beds, folding beds and pull out beds that can save you some space. This also works well for a multi-purpose room such as a part-time office.

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