3 Rules and 17 Ideas for Small Living Room Design

Choose Interior Design Style That Work for Small Rooms

1. Small Living Room in Modern Style

Clean, straight lines and uncluttered space are the basic features of the modern style interior design.

The main rule is to avoid overloading the room with too much detail. It is exactly what a small space needs, which makes the modern style a perfect fit for a small room.


2. Minimalist Style – Make the Most of your Limited Space

The minimalist style is similar to modern style but it takes simplicity to the next level. Every element in the room must be in the right place and provide the necessary functionality.

Simple living room in a minimal design and in light, neutral colors will look bigger than it actually is.

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3. Contemporary Interior Design

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Constantly evolving contemporary design style gives you more flexibility than the previous two.

Contemporary style interior design

4. Scandinavian Style – Stunning Simplicity

It’s easy to make the Scandinavian style work for a small room, because it’s about simplicity and functionality, just like the modern and minimalist styles.

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White is a dominant color in Scandinavian interior design, but it lets you add simple accents of intense color.

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5. Industrial Style – Find Inspiration in Buildings with Historic Pasts

Mix and match today’s contemporary styles with more seasoned architectural elements.

Combine bare steel, pastoral wood, exposed brick walls, and timber roof trusses to create beautiful, unusual and yet affordable designs.

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Make the Room Look Bigger

6. Choose the Right Sofa Color

A sofa of a light color will make your room bigger. This is especially true for a large sofa.

To increase the feeling of a larger space paint your walls into light colors too, and let in more natural light.

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7. Keep Walls Free for a Spacious Effect

Leave enough space on the walls to keep your room from looking overloaded.

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8. Choose Furniture with Exposed Legs for a Spacious Look

Sofas and armchairs that are raised on legs keep your floor visible. Because of that, the room looks more open.

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9. Avoid Curtains to Bring More Natural Light

Or at least don’t choose heavy, opaque window treatments.

Living room with no curtains #smalllivingrooms

10. Create the Illusion of Space with Mirrors

A mirror can make a small living room look larger, especially if you put it near a window to reflect the outdoors.

Besides, mirrors increase light in the room by reflecting it. They bring more natural light during the day and more artificial light at night.

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11. Use Spotlights to add Light

Strategically Illuminate different spots of your room, like your favorite paintings or other pieces of art, or mount spotlights directly to the ceiling.

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Use Best Color Combinations for a Small Living Room

12. Soft Neutrals

Be careful with too aggressive colors. Light walls and equally pale furniture is a simple, elegant and efficient solution for making a small space feel brighter and larger.

Soft neutrals color scheme design #livingroomcolorscheme

13. White

A white living room looks more spacious, but it’s a challenge to keep it cozy and warm. To achieve that, add some light elements of warm, cream colors.


14. Combine White with Colorful Elements

As long as you don’t have too many colored details in your white living room, you can use and mix different bright, intense colors and they will still harmonize with each other.

white and intense colors in living room #livingroompaintcolors

15. White and Wood

Wooden elements work perfectly with white since wood makes a white space look warmer too.

White and wood #livingroom

16. Monochrome Living Rooms

Monochrome color scheme expertly applied to your room will create a luxurious comfort.

Monochrome living rooms #livingroomcolors

17. Light Blue

Create airy and pleasant interior design with a light blue color palette.

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