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Tiny bedroom decorating ideas, simple design tips for small space, furniture arrangement in a small bedroom – everything in photos & drawings.

9 Modern Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

9 Modern Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

1. Base color - white Simplicity is the key to small bedroom decoration. Using white as the base, you minimize the probability of mistakes in color combination. Minimalism - the...
9 Small Bedroom Color Ideas

9 Small Bedroom Color Ideas – 35 photos

The first way you may choose is to decorate your bedroom with one color (monochrome), but be sure to vary the shades to create a calming vibe....
Lighting ideas for small white bedroom

How Lighting & Lamps change Small White Bedrooms

Since a small bedroom is a standard, there is always the question: where to place accessories? And if the chosen style is minimalism, then how not to...
9 Small bedroom storage organization

Top 9 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

1. Headboard with storage The bed takes up most of the space in our small bedrooms. So, it’s rational to also use it for item storage. Being a part of...
Brutal yet cozy small bedroom design ideas #smallbedroom #modernbedroom

7 Brutal yet Cozy Small Bedrooms that will make you love Modern Styles

In 2019 real estate prices continue to grow, as a result small bedrooms and contemporary design styles are becoming increasingly relevant. Many people say that industrial style is...
7 Modern LED Floor Lamps Suitable for Small Bedroom

7 Modern LED Floor Lamps Suitable for Small Bedroom

What do we need from a floor lamp in context of small bedrooms? Full LED for safety reasons (low voltage and temperature) Dimmable to serve for both reading books...